Amethyst Nails

amethyst nails is The purple crystal that protects, relieve stress, and anxiety. Amethyst  connects with the higher self, Enhance intuition and inner sight. Amethyst is the gateway to crystal magic. the moment you put yourself to focus and tune yourself to powers, you realize anything is truly possible.  The love of amethyst nails comes from people getting what they manifesting in life with prayers to god. Manifestation mondays is magic.


Smoky phantom amethyst Nails

when there is a graduation in growth like so in this crystal it allows the person to find their spiritual path. This crystal promote spiritual awareness. This phantom guides you to the right path. I especially love these type of phantom as they are so unique. A phantom disappears so when you visualize negativity and troubles leaving like the phantom crystal.


geode Amethyst Nails

The striations of purples and jewels are growing inside the center. This looks like a real geode cut from a cave. amethyst geode shine’s light from god’s gift to us to see the beauty that nature has to offer.


Golden amethyst nails

Magenta tips with golden resin these remind me of the amethyst eggs I have seen and people paint gold on the exterior to give it a glam makeover. How you paint your amethyst nails is the same way we are drawn to amethyst crystals.


Amethyst nails

Looks like a real amethyst these striations are drawn so extremely on point. it looks like the wearer is mother earth herself. it is amazing the artistic approach of the love of crystal growth. Like nails growth it was gonna manifest your own intentions. Christians pray with crystals and meditate to clear their minds of negativity. How do you do manifest?


Rainbow amethyst Nails

when you see an rainbow inside of the crystal, it is cracked under pressure and caused it to even be more beautiful than ever. People grow in the same capacity of change. once you grow with pressure your mind will be sharpen and grow as colorful as a rainbow. Crystals with rainbows Remind us to cultivate our strengths as we grow under difficult circumstances.


amethyst French

the french amethyst tips give another style to the crystals you love the most. minimal yet refined. the cool, calm, and collected amethyst.


Amethyst fully charged

the chrome in these nails are purple electric. fully charged of power from the full moon. How do you charge your crystals? We recharge our powers by getting a manicure. There are some who spend time under the moon talking to god. people spend time with meditations under the


Mismatched amethyst stones

amethyst grows with other crystals and it is so cool to get your nails painted the way crystal is mine out of a cave. people actually went into a cave to meditate. For the modern day gals this is the most glamorous way to do meditate.

mystical Nails

black matte with amethyst brings the ambiance of mystery. Reveal the secrets of a crystal’s beauty. Amethyst Nails are a crystal lover’s growth. Amethyst let’s us dream of a better tomorrow. Manifest and pray for good vibes in your future.


For me, i place amethyst near my makeup. To keep calm and cool To look at. using a crystal to charge your thought of good fortune into your life can be a spiritual manifestation. Brining happiness into your life. These amethyst nails have a rainbow and flower.


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