Best Red Polishes

The best red polishes

The best red polishes are going to make you fall in love with your nails. The color of passion and temptations. I always fall in love again and again with red. Red is the color of power and pure luck.


Essie Sole Mate

Best Red Polishes essie enamel sole mate swatch editedis painted twice to get the full effect of the intensity of the oxblood red. This color of oxblood is vitality and passion. Women that are mature like to wear these type of colors. As we paint gold on the tips we take the dark red back into the upper top  to create the ombré red that collides into the gold. The color starts to develop an audacity where the imagination turns into reality. Manifesting can be done by visualizing but also strengthen the mind to create our own reality. That is the power of color.

wine red

opi we the female

Best Red Polishes opi we the female brush swatchThis is a dark sultry red that is gonna make you look like an dark cherry red wine type of color. This dark red is one of my favorites because I have been seeing it everywhere online on campaigns. these make everyone swoon over a single color.

Glittery Red polish

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Best Red Polishes ruby pumpsOn a shopping trip with my bestie, she said this is the color everyone picks for Christmas. I like it for Valentines but It is a good color for year round. its the right amount of sparkle.

Essie scarlet Starlet

Best Red Polishes essie gel couture scarlet scarlet swatch

This red dries uniform sparkle. The glitter is so fine it looks like it is apart of the red. This is the type of red that is for mature and you don’t need to look like a grown up red.

nobility italiano rose

aka. FERRARI red

Best Red Polishes nb033italiano rose

In My opinion, ferarri red is the intense color for adrenaline rush of passion. I think every girl should have this red in their arson. It is a paint pot of temptation. car magazines with really hot models and the ferrari red is for racing italian cars because rules are rules for color. This red is iconic to speed and adrenaline.


cnd red baroness


Best Red Polishes cnd red baronessthis red is metallic that looks like candy apple red paint. dripping with royalty title, it is what is in the heart. Red is one of the most iconic shades and there are so many versions of red it is countless,  only a few will stand out.

Tom ford

F* Fabulous

Best Red Polishes tom ford f fabulousa Cosmetic company haul and the bottle is amazing. the color is exceptional the message is positive. you should wear a base and top coat because it might chip. Testing a polish true to it’s formula wear. I always wear without a base and top coat. This red is so gorgeous and wow. if you ever need a pick me upper for energy driven go for red.