Matching Lip and Nails

I read that a company sells lipstick and nails polishes to match. I found a match at a deal. Black radiance berry bold it is a purple pinkish type of violet rosy color I grabbed the first nail polish I saw from my collection and they happen to be very similar. This reminds me of orchid flowers.

The nail polish underneath is cnd crushed rose. Top coat is a blue shift from l.a colors celestial. The bottom matches perfectly if you wanted to add a blue shift for a more futuristic look I would add some type of blue glitter type of topper. Like lime crime diamond crush.

everytime I move my hands I see the shift of blues and it looks so futuristic. I love it because it makes the color not boring. You wear it once and you want to explore the possibilities of the same color of a chrome on top.

The lip color is hiding a pimple and you can’t really see. That is very good I got three pimples show up and near my lip which is scary. I ate a lot of chocolate yesterday. So with the color covering a lot it is really good color payoff. If you ever have something on your lip and trying to hide it. Here it is! The folor is creamy and soft. Pretty good for $2! It is rare to find a good match in the drugstore. Some people say that matching is so posh and put together. What is your take on matching lips and nails. It is necessary? I think yes! The color violet pops when it leans to the pink side. It reminds me of pop art. The color is thrilling and exciting.