Purple Hair

Metallic purple hair

so shiny that it glows metallic almost. This type of shiny is one for a futuristic look. The color looks out of this world!


Purple shine

the shine of this light purple metallic sheen is almost blinding. Can you believe hair can be this shiny after that much bleach? imagine walking around and blinding everyone with your hair. beam on.

Purple bob

the lilac colors of the bob makes her skin look even lighter. it is amazing how a hair color can make you look like your skin is glowing. when done right, Color has a big impact on the intensity of your glow.


Purple peek a boo

this purple with a blonde goes well with two cool tones add some white florals and the look ties together for a very romantic effect. Flowers elevate any hair look.

Pinterest @farieinthedust

purple and peach money piece

the front is peach and wow the combination makes a interesting serbet look. Like a peachy lavendar. Unexpected and pretty cool together.


Lavendar pixie blowout

the short hair blowout back looks swept with the wind and how amazing to see every strand perfected.


lavendar hair

purple looks good on the shortest hair too. The purples goes well with any tone.


lilac tips

purple tips ombré makes a natural look of color splash. This is for people who like natural and just want a hint of color.


lavendar money piece

lavendar purples vivid neons pop against the brown and it looks good with the money piece to frame the face.


purple braids

purple ombré is used to braid in this design. Sometimes it is healthier to braid in the colors. It keeps your hair healthy and it is similar to adding extensions.


Purple ombré bob

from dark to light. This at times will happen when you can’t get the roots to lift. That is why you just gotta embrace the color that can grasp hair follicles.


ice lavendar

a platinium ice lavendar hair that is so light it makes the purple pastel. These type of colored hair looks like a unicorn.


Ice lilac hair

platinum lilac hair that is barely there purple. Do you like wearing the lightest colors of purple. The complexions lightens up and you can wear makeup to match the cool tones.


Purple ombré medium length hair

from the darkest of purples to the lightest. The shade range looks like a unicorn field of lilacs. Would you wear this dream like color.


medium purple hair

medium to dark purples look like a world of color that opens your world to the possibilities. on to make beauty of exploring.


Icy curly purples

the light purple defines ever curl and compliments her light complexion. Purple on curly hair makes the light bounce off her hair.

@ twostrandsalon

Medium purple short hair

medium on black hair looks the best and stays healthy. Jewels of purple an amethyst hair vibe.

@ emmaie

All the purple combination together with a color can make all the difference of an unexpected turn of colorgasm. What color drives you?