Rose Quartz Nails

Rose quartz nail is manifest mondays at it’s best!  the white lines appear through the light pink giving the stones striations. Rose quartz represents love and it is the most seen crystal throughout people’s collection. Let love lead you wherever you go.


glittering rose quartz

Rose quartz with gems. the light pink has shell resin that makes the design layer with interesting textures. Glitter brings it all to a glam. The glitter appears as if the crystal healed from a fracture and give rainbow shine.


Gilded rose quartz

The almond light pink makes everything look rosy. Bring light and love everywhere you go! Looking at Rose quartz nails purify the heart and restores trust. All the worries of the mind DISAPPEAR.


rose quartz step

The golden flakes on this makes the rose quartz pop. rose quartz manifest positivity and things to rise. There are people i see that would do a rose quartz ritual on the full moon.


gold rose quartz

Crystals connected to a metal is like a CONDUCTOR. The crystal’s power strengthen. It is all in the mind. Allowing your mind to manifest is to  let you dream. Take a deep breath burn a candle and meditate away. Rose quartz is such a powerful  way to strengthen.

rose quartz gold frame nails

Rose quartz nails wrapped in gold frame. It looks like home made jewelry. The edges are irregular like handmade just for you.


have you tried crystal healing? Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love. Show your self some heart nourishing love and feel  the power of rose quartz nails. you can heal the world by taking away negativity. it’s a powerful weapon to Spread compassion, love, and light. Let Calm and clarity surface.

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