Wedding Nails

There is nothing better than a shiny manicure to go with a diamond ring. wedding nails is celebrating the union of love. A remarkable moment to bond with your #bridalteam#bridalnails
The secret to achieving a successful wedding party is finding the color palette and sticking to it. The key to picking shades for your wedding nails is to Settle on your single favorite, and then invite everyone of it’s shades to the party. Choose a one and only. Pick two main colors plus two or three accent hues.
Serendipity Pot garden Spa accommodates everyone schedule by coming different times of the day so everyone can look unified for the big day. The key is to book ahead of the wedding day 1-4 days before the wedding. Now presenting the wedding nails colors

Wedding Nails wedding nails Wedding Nails weddingnails

OPI Wedding nails

Kyoto Pearl

A precious color that is a perfect wedding palette for elegance. Pearls represent purity, as well as integrity and loyalty.

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The things we do for love. Love is cherished by the great chase and accomplishing the unthinkable and that is what makes a great love story.
something old, something new, something borrowed,

something blue,

a sixpence in your shoe.” The blue bridal token was said to symbolize purity, love, and fidelity. commitment to spending the rest of your life is so special that this custom is honored
Le chat Nobility Sky blue
To infinity and blue-yond opi
I believe in manicures opi

Bridesmaid’s nail colors

wedding nails colors will be accompanied by her entourage. Bridemaid’s nails colors will be neutrals such and not too bright to not take away the bride’s spotlight. This is the rule of the honor of being a bridesmaid.  Every bridesmaid’s have their own color playbook. We choose nude because we allow colors to truly shine through the bridal photos.

Bridesmaid Nobility gel and polish
love letter nobility gel and polish
winter glow cnd shellac

FLower girl

bee mine forever polish
I feel flowerful polish morgan taylor
petal soft glitter top opi gel
Beckoning Begonia CND shellac
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